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The objective of the evaluation of the Healthy by Design Project is to assess the ability of the project to:
· Increase access to and awareness of resources that promote health through modifications to the built environment and increased availability of health promotion programming;

· Foster community involvement in planning changes; and

· Promote the inclusion of health-enhancing design features into existing and future development plans in other tower neighbourhoods in Toronto and elsewhere.

 The project includes two target populations:

1)    Adults aged 18-64 years living in two private low income apartment complexes in the Greater Toronto Area.

a.     The 4000- 4010 Lawrence Avenue East complex is in the east end of Toronto in the West Hill Neighbourhood (Kingston Galloway - Scarborough).

b.    The 1765 -1775 Weston Road apartment complex is in the west end of Toronto in the Weston neighbourhood.

2)    Developers and planners, including those who are project partners as well as the planning community more broadly.



The Healthy by Design project will be developed and implemented in consultation with project partners and residents. The consultation with residents will occur during all stages of development through design charrettes, focus groups, and social events. Using the results of the consultations, developers will prepare detailed designs on how to develop the indoor and outdoor built environment.  After consulting the design with other partners, the developers/site owners will make the necessary improvements. Health programming interventions will also be developed in consultation with the resident community.